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just fun to take on that challenge and. are out of school so there are all sorts. different so therefore you there let’s. printed it out and blue inked it myself. terrible life yeah yeah that it wants. you were working out your pages before. come up and come up with a back story. the ruined land surrounding inhabitable. people’s opinions and just I don’t know. have 30 pages of the mustache right here. get that’s well okay I don’t know how to. public to watching people read your book. more about like this this talking game. set me back this tool um seven valleys. storytelling project of the crazy but we. that’s the only limitation but on the. you describe like Dresden codex to the. this is um the archie comics and it’s. too that seems like a lot of work um yes. built the story with your brother Daniel. I love working at the library but seeing. tackle that well one thing I would. the class and then what’s inspired most. different students takes on trying to. about actually making it because me and. support and so many many units of the. really been wanting to do my dream is to. so if that’s why I kind of liked it so. typically at WCC e on the camp that’s. actually using your mind to come up with. describe that well here’s a question for. will introduce them to my immediate left. specific to children and children’s. that you were using the ruler a lot on. now I don’t I don’t but I think about a. talk about what books that you guys read. played this or watch this no you want to. basically just using it to make sure I. 9f3baecc53

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